The 2018 Boating Season is upon us in Chicagoland! Hopefully many of you have enjoyed the posts we have put up for the “new construction” for the Double Jameson. The Double Jameson was built to meet all Coast Guard Safety Regulations for Passenger Vessels. She will also have many added medical /safety and emergency equipment onboard to meet and exceed the Coast Guard regulations for Passenger Vessels. The Double Jameson is a fully licensed and insured vessel, along with both Captains.

With the new construction of the Double Jameson…… we were able to utilize and build the best use of all available space, and upgrade and expand guest comfort and experience. We will now have a 20ft x 12ft open deck space with seating all along the gunnels. There will be room for a table that seats 8 adults in the center of the back deck for “Dinner Cruises”. The back swim platform will be a 12ft wide and 4ft deep custom platform with an easy access swim ladder for getting on the boat from the water. We will have multiple electrical outlets for charging cell phones, and or connecting laptop computers.

We will be offering Waterfront Boat tours, River Cruises, Day trips to the Play Pen, and Dinner Cruises. Many of these trips will be based on 3 hour time frames.

Please contact us for pricing, and availability at info@greatlakesexpeditions.com

We look forward to hearing from you. See you on the water!