The Double Jameson vessel is fully equipped for both salvage expeditions and lake excursions. Specialized equipment and capabilities are listed below.

Double Jameson Vessel

  • 61 A Volvo 306 HP Diesel Motor
  • Isuzu 13.5KW Generator , 60amps at 220V, 110amps at 110V
  • Heat/AC Climate Control Unit
  • Holland Marine Jet Thruster System
  • Garmin GPS/ Radar Navigation Plotter System
  • Clarion Boat Entertainment Sound System
  • Underwater Hull Lighting System
  • 28 Gallon Sanitation System
  • Full Coast Guard Compliant Safety Equipment
  • 2 Onboard Marine Radios and 1 Emergency Handheld Radio
  • DAN Diver Medical Emergency Kit
  • Medical Grade O2 Emergency Air Kit
  • AED Defibrillator
  • Electrical Outlet Capabilities: 12V,110V,220V
  • Basic Dimensions of Double Jameson: 42 ft long 12ft wide
  • Entire Boat has built to U.S. Coast Guard Sub Chapter T Boat Regs

Seabotix LBV300-5

  • LBV vehicle depth rated to 300 MSW – 1,000 FSW
  • Five (5) HPDC1502 Brushless DC thrusters (2 forward, 2 vertical and 1 lateral)
  • Auto heading, depth and trim
  • Video overlay
  • Temperature sensor
  • 680 line High resolution color camera – 0.1 lux @ f2.0
  • 700 Lumen LED array tracking color camera
  • 180 degree rotating camera chassis
  • 270 degree field of view
  • Auxiliary connector for external camera

L-3 Klein System 3000 Digital Side Scan Sonar

  • Provides simultaneous, dual frequency side scan in both 100 and 500 kHz,
  • Has ability to survey a full kilometer swath while maintaining superior resolution
  • Depth rated to 1,500m
  • Applications: Seabed Target Identification, Geological Surveys, Pipe Line Survey, Cable Detection, Geological Mapping, Route Survey, and Search and Recovery

Klein K-CHIRP 3310 Sub-Bottom Profiler

  • Applications: Geophysical and Geological Surveys, Cable & Route Surveys, EEZ Surveys, Sediment Classification , Buried objects, Cables and Pipelines Detection, Dredging Surveys, and Hazards Surveys
  • Two 2-8 kHz CHIRP transmit transducers for maximum bottom penetration
  • Proven Mills Cross Design

SeaSpy Marine Magnetometer

  • Applications: UXO Detection of small Ferrous Targets, Cable and Pipline Survey, Shipwreck Search and Salvage, Environmental Survey, Exploration Geophysics